Lego Miley ornament by Iain Heath.

You can vote to make this Lego Golden Girls set a reality:

The set will include 4 minifigures; Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak is looking a bit angry. Rose Nylund making a cake. Blanche Devereaux making a Phone Call. Sophia Petrillo cooking Italian.

Tyler Sky turned Lego for girls into a Halo Ghost diorama.

Lego Calvin and Hobbes.
Goofy Lego chestburster by Iain Heath.
Lego Miley at the VMAs.

Lego Space Kraken (and Super Star Destroyer) by Iain Heath.

Spaceman Spiff crash landing in Lego by Blake Baer.

Lego Calvin and Hobbes by Matt De Lanoy.

Lego Breaking Bad by Bruce Lowell.
Microscale Lego Serenity kit on sale here.
The Queen in Lego by Iain Heath.

Lego Christopher Nolan Batman by Michael McCooey.  Vote to convince Lego to produce it as an actual set.  Via.